Grievances Redressal Policy


For a service organization excellence in customer service is the most important tool for sustained business growth. Customer complaints are part of the life of any entity. This is more in case of Banks/financial Institutions/ Housing Finance companies as these are the service organizations in which customer service and customer satisfaction are of prime focus. We believe that providing prompt and efficient service is essential not only to attract new customers, but also to retain existing ones. Our company has come up with Grievance Redressal Mechanism with a view to out serve our customers. The Company’s policy, on Grievance Redressal has been formulated taking into account the following:

  • Customers are treated fairly at all times
  • Complaints raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and on time
  • All complaints are dealt efficiently and fairly and within the time frame
  • The company’s employees work in good faith and without prejudice to the interests of the customer.

In order to make company’s redressal mechanism more meaningful and effective, a proper structure has been implemented to ensure that redressal sought is fair and within the given frame-work of rules and regulation of the company. The customer has every right to register his/her complaint if he/she is not satisfied with the services provided by the company or any other agencies associated with the company. Customers can give their complaint in writing or over telephone or through e-mail. In case the complaint is not resolved within the given time or if he/she is not satisfied with the solution provided by the company, the customer can exhaust other legal avenues with their complaint for grievance redressal.

Internal Mechanism to handle Customer complaints/ grievances:

Customers who wish to provide feedback or send in their complaint can use the following channels available with the company:

  • He/she can make complaint in writing addressed to the concerned Branch Manager, quoting the account number, gist of complaint and complete contact address/phone number of the complainant. The addresses & phone numbers of branches are available on our website
  • He/she can mail the complaint on our mail ID “[email protected] in”

We assure a response to letters / emails received through this channel within 7 working days. In case the grievance is not resolved within 15 days, a copy of the complaint with acknowledgement to be forwarded to the Central Nodal Officer, Shri. Naresh Kumar Doshi, VP, Compliances at the address mentioned below:

 Khush Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd.

Head Office: 810- Aura Biplex,
S.V.Road, Borivali (West), Mumbai – 400092.

The information on the redressal mechanism mentioned above is available in all our branches. Further, this has also been put up in our website.

Nodal Officer to handle complaints and grievances

Company has since nominated a Central Nodal Officer, Shri. Naresh Kumar Doshi and he will be responsible for the implementation of customer service and complaint handling for all the branches of our company.


Mandatory display requirements

Our company has the following in place in all our branches;

  • Appropriate arrangement for receiving complaints and suggestions.
  • Display of the name, address and contact number of Central Nodal Officer,

Resolution of Grievances

The customers can highlight their complaints / issues with our company vide the channels mentioned above. The officer/Branch Manager of the concerned branch/ Central Nodal officer with whom the customer has raised the issue is responsible for the resolution of complaints/grievances. The officers of the complaints redressal cell will ensure closure of all complaints to the customer’s satisfaction. They will ensure that the complaint is escalated to the appropriate levels in case it is not possible to resolve at his/her level. Thus our ultimate endeavor is to ensure we reach a situation where our customers don’t have to complain to senior management to get an effective redressal.


To register complaints, customers can use any of the channels mentioned above. If the complaint has been received in writing, the company will send an acknowledgement / response within a week. After the matter is examined a final response will be sent to the customer or information that more time is required and the company will do so within 15 days of receipt of complaint. In case the customer is not satisfied with the response received, then he /she can write to: Shri. Naresh Kumar Doshi, VP, Compliances on the address mentioned in point no.2.The complainant can also telephonically contact the Central Nodal Officer on Phone number 022-28067284, or mail at Email: [email protected]  (Monday to Friday: – 10.30AM to 5.30PM & Saturday 10.30AM to 2.30PM).  The complaint will be responded within 7 working days. In case the customer still not satisfied with the response or has not received a response from the company within 15 days, he may contact The Managing Director of company on the same phone number or mail us on the same mail id as given above.

Interaction with customers

The company, through various questionnaires / meetings / surveys, obtains customer feedback /suggestions for improvement in customer service.

Sensitizing operating staff on handling complaints

All the staff members of the Company are educated on our Complaint Redressal Mechanism.